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IJRREST:Volume-3, Issue-3 (September-2014)


Potential Forestry Feed-Stocks for Bio-Ethanol Production from Central India
(Dr. Archana Tiwari, Mr. Pushpendra Singh, Ms. Preeti Srivastava, Ms. Priyamwada Bharpare, Ms. Priya Pradhan)

Robust Technique for Object Tracking in Foggy Low Resolution Video
(Jyoti Goswami, Rajesh Mehra)

Power System Stability Enhancement by PI-Controlled HCCT Technique in STATCOM
(Priya Mittal, Parul Goyal)

Analytical Study of Fault Tree Analysis
(Priya Malhotra)

Analytical Study of Risk & Security Issues in Wireless Network
(Dr. Vijay Kumar Pandey, Anoop Saxena)

QR Code used in Security
(Sanjeev Sahlot)