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IJRREST:Volume-4, Issue-1 (April-2015)


Value of Admixture in Concrete Mix Design
(Himanshu Upadhyay)

Performance Analysis of k-mean Algorithm using Markov Chain Lloyds
(Atul Goyal, Dinesh Kumar, Ms. Sunita Baniwal)

Permeability of Concrete Mix Design
(Hawa Singh)

Survey of Hand Gesture Recognition and Sign Language Recognition
(Babita Choudhary, Ritu Raheja)

Automatic Intruder Detection System with the Facilitation of Android App
(Sachin Goel, Somya Khurana, Babita Rani and Chander Mohan)

A Survey of Object Detection and Tracking in Computer Vision
(Gurdeeksha Kaur, Reena Mehla)

Neighbor Assisted Detection and Removal of DDos Attack in Wireless Sensor Network
(Himani Chawla)

Automatic Generation Control with Conventional Controller for a Three Area Thermal- Thermal Diesel System Including SMES Units
(Himanshi Singla)

Reviewing Mathematical Models for Adaptive Noise Reduction Filters
(Manisha, Arun Rana)

An Overview of LTE- Next Generation Wireless Technology
(Pallavi, Paras Chawla)

The Discovery and Improvement of Artificial Neural Network through Emphasis on Non-Natural Life
(Rajesh Khera)

Excessive Workload and its Impact on the Work
(Riya Dua)

Accent of Nanotechnology in Civil Engineering
(Shakti Singh)

Survey of LEACH and Related Protocols under Wireless Sensor Networks
(Shikha Gupta, Shikha Khanna)

Survey of IEEE 802.11 Physical and MAC Layer Protocols
(Sunita, Sharabjit Kaur)

Performance Evolution with STBC MIMO-OFDM Systems Under Different Modulation Schemes
(Geeta Arora, Neha Rani)

Survey of Human Skin Color Models and Classification Models
(Sakshi Tandon, Arun Rana)

Power Analysis of ALU using Reversible Logic
(Maneet, Prabhjot Kaur)

Analysis of Different Domain Watermarking Techniques
(Maneet, Prabhjot Kaur)

Some Remarks on Double Lacunary Refinement via Ideal
(Sudhir Kumar, Pardeep Kumar)

Make in India PM's Vision : Management View
(Prof. B. K. Mittal)

A Review: Vertical Handover between WiFi and WiMax
(Tapan Gautam, Parbhjot)

Design Of BPF Using Inter digital Band pass Filter On Center Frequency 3Ghz.
(Anupma Gupta, Vipin Gupta)

Data Mining Of Social Networks Using Clustering Based SVM
(Pooja Sikka)

A Review Of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Mixes

Chemical Admixtures Used in Concrete Mix Design to Improve the Quality of Concrete and for the Maintenance of Concrete
(Akshay Kumar, Gurvinder Singh)

A Review Paper on Raspberry Pi
(Shruti Vatsa, Sarabjit Kaur)

Surveying Vehicular Ad hoc Network Applications and Simulation Strategies
(Charu Kashyap, Neha Garg)

A Review Paper on Soil Stabilization Using Different Traditional and Non-Traditional Additives
(Abhinav Rawat, Anupam Mital)

Improvement of Clayey Soil Stabilized with Bagasse Ash
(Ashish Chhachhia, Anupam Mital)

A Comprehensive Survey of Finger Print Recognition Techniques
(Medhavi Sarwal, Shikha Khanna)

Stabilization of Soil by Steel Industry Waste
(Hardeep Jaglan, Anupam Mital)

Compensation of Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) for 4 Channels Using VDGD technique at 40 Gbps
(Vishant Narang, Kapil Kashyap, Vishal Girdhar)

Solar Cell: A Review
(Diksha Koul, Sophiya Saroch, Shyamo)

Design & Simulation of Dielectric Resonator Antenna For Wireless Applications
(Parvinder Kumar, Gyanender Kumar)

Bit Error Rate Analysis Of FSO System Using Nakagami Fading Channel
(Sarita, Vipin Gupta, Monu soni)

MIG Welding Parametric Optimization using Taguchi’s Orthogonal Array and Analysis of Variance
(Amit Pal)

A Review Paper on Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Algorithms
(Sakshi Choudhary, Neha Garg)

Survey of Information Dissemination & Site Usage Behavior in Social Networking Sites
(Gurvinder Kaur Pannu)

Review Paper On Stabilization Of Soil By Steel Industry Waste
(Hardeep Jaglan, Anupam Mital)

A Review Paper On Image Edge Detection Algorithms For Segmentation
(Parvita Taya)

A Review on improvement of Clayey Soil Stabilized with Bagasse Ash
(Ashish Chhachhia, Anupam Mital)

Surveying Blind Deconvolution Problems And Applications
(Sumitra Sandhu, Arun Rana)

A Review on Microstrip Patch Antenna
(Ritika Saini)

A Review On Significance Of Waste Materials In Concrete
(Satyam, Yogesh Kaushik)

Analysis of Photonic Band Structure in One Dimensional Photonic Crystal Using PWE And FDTD Method
(Pooja Chhoker, Reena Mehla)

Analytical Evaluation of fixed and Mobile WiMax System based on OFDM and MC- CDMA System
(Harish Sharma, Yogesh Bansal)

Efficient Implementation of AES
(Ravi Kumar)

Narrowband Microstrip Patch Antenna for Radar Application
(Vishal Girdhar, Ritika Saini, Vishnat Narang)

WiFi Coverage Over GSM Distributed Anteena System
(Sandeep Kumar, Ritika Saini)

Updated PLI Aware Routing Wavelength Assignment Method
(Yogender Singh, Anupama Gupta)

Design of CPW-Fed Patch Antenna with Triangular Slots for Wireless Communication Applications
(Richa Sharma)

Analysis of DDOS Attacks and Solutions for Cloud Computing Environment
(Prince Gupta, Prof. Jayant Shekhar)

Analysis of Brain Tumor Through Cellular Automation Based Simulation
(Rajeev Kumar, Prasant Singh Yadav)

Difference between WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) and Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)
(Deepa Solanki, Santosh Upadhyay)

Irrigation Scheduling in Patna Area - A CASE STUDY FOR MAIZE
(Radha Krishan, Punit Singh, Dr. Ashutosh Upadhyaya, Dr. L. B. Roy)