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IJRREST:Volume-4, Issue-2 (June-2015)


Power System Load Compensation by DSTATCOM using HCCT Technique based PI-Controllerh
(Rajnish Kaushik, Shubham Goel, Amit Kamboj)

E Commerce: An Elevator to Gnext Shopping
(Rishi Jerath, Dr. Devinder Sharma)

Big Data Analytics and Its Security & Privacy Challenges
(Pooja Vajpayee)

ICMP Based NeMos Using Multithreaded Approach
(Lakshita Sejwal)

Performance Analysis of Web Based Applications Implemented on Private Cloud
(Saurabh Agarwal, Dr. Vijay Kumar, Mr. R.L. Yadav)

Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution System along with DG Allocation
(Karamveer Chakrawarti, Mr. Nitin Singh)

Distributed Over Non Distributed Generation in Power Systems
(Yogesh Kumar, Mr. Nitin Singh)

Optimal Allocation of DG in Radial Distribution Networks
(Praveen Kumar Sharma, Mr. Nitin Singh)

Decarbonation-Rehydration Characteristics of Salem Magnesite under Equilibrium Condition
(Jagram Singh, Saikat Maitra, Tapan Kumar Parya)

Performance Analysis of Fact Devices Under Various Load Configurations
(Deepak Kumar, Satish Kumar)

MPPT Based Grid Connected System with P&O Algorithm
(Anuradha, Satish Kumar)