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IJRREST:Volume-5, Issue-1 (March-2016)


A Literature Review Of Different Control Techniques For A DFIG Wind Turbine
(Rupak Sharma, Amit Manocha)

Antennas Classification and Applications: A Review
(Yogita Sharma, Suraj Nagpal)

Radiation Pattern Optimization of a 6 element Yagi-Uda Antenna
(Yogita Sharma, Suraj Nagpal)

A Review On Research And Development Of Tridentate Ligands
(Richa Yadav)

Impact & Challenges in Distributed Computing System in IT Services
(P.S Yadav, K.P Yadav, Varun Kr Yadav, Pankaj Sharma)

Exergy Analysis of Jet Plate Solar Air Heater
(Akshit Kumar, Abhishek Kumar Goel, Anil Kumar)

Employability enhancement a Need of Indian Economy
(Dolly Yadav, P.S. Yadav)

Effect On Cooling System In Ranque Refrigeration
(Brij Bhooshan Yadav, Abhishek Kumar Goel, Anil Kumar)

Big Data And Methodology
(Ashish Gopal Verma, Vivek Krishna Misra)

Investigation of Different Specimen in Foundry Shop by Casting Process
(Praveen Kumar, Bikas Prasad, Anil Kumar, Abhishek Goel)

Impact of Distance Learning Education in India–A Review
(P.S. Yadav, Varun Yadav, S.K. Yadav)

Significance of Green and Sustainable Supply Chain
(Vinod Kumar, Dr. Dharamvir Mangal)

Analysis and Determination of Energy and Effectiveness based on Low Carbon Manufacturing Process
(Ujjawal Kumar, Bikas Prasad, Anil Kumar, Abhishek Kr. Goel)

Analysis of Failure Assessment for Spherical Pressure Vessels
(Sumit Goel, Anil Kumar, Abhishek Kumar Goel)