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IJRREST:Volume-2, Issue-3 (September-2013)


Importance of Technology Interface in Education System
(Ms. Avantika Mishra)

Analysis and Design of Different Types of Staircases-A Review
(Saiful Islam, Shahbaz Kausar, Mohammad Ahmed)

Keywords: Staircase ,Stiffness matrix, Dog legged stairs, Open well stairs ,Landing slabs.

Risk : Analysis and Identifications
(Manoj Gupta)

Watershed Delineation for Bulandshahr Region Using Archydro Modelling
(Navneet Sharma, Gajendra Kumar, Pankaj Sharma, Shashank Singh)

Keywords: Arc Hydro, Digital Elevation Maps, Hydrologic Model, Watershed Management, Remote Sensing.

Histogram Analysis of Chaotic Cryptosystem using External key with diverse Chaotic One dimensional Chaotic Map
(Sarika Tyagi, Ashish Vashistha, Deepak Chaudhary)

Key Words: Chaos, Chaotic cryptography, Chaotic maps, Frequency distribution.

Impact of Information Technology On Indian Commercial Banking Industry: Data Envelopment Analysis
(Mohit Gupta, Dr. Vinay Kumar Srivastava, Dr. K.P. Yadav)

Keywords: DEA Model ,e-Banking, Information, Technology (IT),Indian Banking Environment, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Analysis, Transactions, Regression, Revolution, Performance, Scale.

An Analysis of Security Concerns in VPN
(Upesh Bhatnagar, Priya Rana)

Key Words: VPN, Virtual Computing, Network Security, Tunneling.

Small Scale Industries: A Boost for Indian Economy
(Dr. Bhawna Bhatnagar)

Keywords: SSI, Indian Economy, Government Policies.

RFID: Next Generation Identification Technique
(Zatin Singhal, Neha Dixit)

A Study to Maintain Quality during Sprint Execution in Scrum
(Vipin Kumar Saini, E. Kannan)

Keywords: Agile Programming, Scrum, Sprint, Pair Programming etc.