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IJRREST:Volume-3, Issue-1 (March-2014)


Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Phospholipids: A Green Technology for Food Engineering
(Kamalpreet Kaur)

Cloud Computing: A Virtualization Study
(Mr. Tabish Mufti, Dr. Deepak Kumar)

Fiber Optic Sensors
(Ranjit Kumar, Neha Dixit)

Mathematical Model for Predicting Compressive Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
(S. R. Yadav, Dr. S. R. Pathak)

Synchronising with Cloud for Android: A Comparison of Various Approaches
(Tanmay Garg)

Sustainability and Growth in Business through Busines Ethics
(Dr. Bhawna Bhatnagar, Mr. Ashok Asthana)

Comparison of Social Environmental Issues for Small Scale Industries in Indian & Global Market
(Upesh Bhatnagar)

Power Optimized Routing Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network
(Pankaj S. Yadav)